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The Marches, in the heart of the Italian peninsula, represents a plurality both in name and territory: in fact there are many stories, astounding places, traditions that are preserved in the magical and unique landscapes. The Profum’Ambiente by Armonia – The essence of wellbeing line is comprised of five home perfumes entirely made in the Italy that embodies an aromatic journey throughout the five provinces of this region.
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Infusions of well-being

Our fruit infusions are made only of carefully selected raw materials. The pieces of citrus, Mediterranean and mountain fruits are rich in vitamins and thanks to a slow infusion of the different blends, give an intense and aromatic flavour for a tasty drink.

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The line of natural soaps of the Armonia Essenza del Benessere is inspired by the old Marseille tradition, characterized by using a low temperature production method and conceived for the hygiene and skin care of all the family. The traditional soap delicately cleanses and mildly moisturizes like a sweet embracing caress and naturally takes care of every type of skin thanks to the highly cosmetic eudermic vegetable oils, as well as a good amount of natural glycerin derived from the soap making process.

Soap inspired by old tradition
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