Company Location

The Omnia Salute & Servizi laboratory is born in the heart of the region Marche and is precisely located in the charming town of Servigliano, amid the valley of the river Tenna, surrounded by the stunning background of the nearby National Park of the Sibillini Mountains.

The town of Servigliano was entirely reconstructed at the end of 18th century by Pope Clemente XIV and boasts a perfectly geometric and harmonious city plan, remarkably decorated noble palaces with the lavish church of the Collegiata, but also with a privileged relationship with the surrounding natural landscapes.

About Us

The company name Omnia Salute & Servizi recalls this deep bond with nature but is also a wordplay with the founder’s given name. Monia Tirabassi, is a pharmacist specialized in pharmaceutical preparations who grew up in this small community where her family business was based on organic farming, and where over the years she developed a passion for all what the natural world has to offer.

Mrs Tirabassi has gained a university career enriched with a master’s degree in phytotherapy, and her studies in alternative medicine such as traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy, cosmetics and perfumery. After working many years in the pharmaceutical sector, where she has always carried out the activity of pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations, she has decided with Omnia Salute & Servizi to fulfill her dream of opening a laboratory entirely dedicated to Made in Italy preparations for health and wellbeing, with the aim in the future to transform her family’s organic farm into an exclusive supplier of medicinal herbs from which to extract the basic materials for her products.

Omnia Salute & Servizi is in fact a laboratory of herbal, dietary and cosmetic preparations that is always at the forefront of research and sales of new herbal ingredients, and its distinctive feature is precisely a production aimed towards small batch quantities in order to guarantee the quality control and homogeneity of the products.


The production takes place within the company laboratory starting from selected raw materials, in which the active ingredients are of natural origin and confer the maximum efficiency of the products. The same raw materials come from certified and qualified suppliers at a European level, are free from GMOs, pesticides, bacterial and fungal contamination.

All the production phases are controlled by HACCP procedures and the final products are then analyzed by an external and independent laboratory as a guarantee of transparency. The selection of the raw materials, the controls and test analysis are in fact a safeguard of the consumer’s requirements and a guarantee for all those involved in this sector.

Furthermore Omnia Salute & Servizi has the health and safety licenses for food, herbal and cosmetic preparations as well as the authorization (n. 25 of 19/02/2016) released by the Ministry of Health to produce food supplements in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decrees n. 11 of 27/01/1992 and n. 169 of 21/05/2004.


Finally we collaborate with the Società Italiana di Fitoterapia (Italian Association of Phytotherapy), and Federsalus which both defend the interests of the health product sector and the consumer’s free choice and support not only the scientific foundations of health indications but also a harmonized legal framework, promoting the quality of the products and the companies operating in this field, while encouraging a correct and rational use for the safeguard of the consumers.

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